Moving Reminder….

Hey! Good day to you all!!!! Just a quick reminder to remind you that I will be moving to another blog site starting tomorrow!!!!! I hope this transition will be better not for only me but for you as my readers. The new site address is  Be blessed and have a good day!!!!! 

Purposely Unique

Today is such a beautiful, breezy day and I am glad in it.  I almost forgot to come in and blog because me and the kids was enjoying the warm weather.  I woke up this morning in deep thought about being misunderstood, I know that’s something we all struggle with in some way.  At a [...]


Good day to you all!!!!!! During this fast, I read that while fasting you should pray and meditate, okay I got the praying part but meditating not so much.  So, I tried it for the first time and didn’t feel any connection because of many reasons. One, my daughter was talking extremely loud downstairs and [...]

Till it Gets Better

First off I want to say forgive me for not posting yesterday, my mind was not in the right frame to blog.  So, instead of me posting some junk I decided not to post at all.  Today, is a new day and I got my juices flowing and I’m ready to move forward.  I hope [...]

Doing Our First Fast……

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody!!!!!!! Hope all is well and I hope your weekend was a blessing.  A few weeks ago my hubby and I decided to do the Daniel fast for 21 days, and today is the first day of the fast.  This is both our first time doing and I’m shocked [...]

My Perfect Fit….dedicated to my husband.

Hello, hello, and hello!!!! Thank God it’s Friday!!!!! I hope today has been a blessing for many and not just some.  Today, I’m going to dedicated this post to my other half, my soul mate, and one of my precious gifts from God.  Tomorrow is my husband 29th birthday, YAY, so I want to give [...]

Powerful Tongue

Hello lovely readers, I hope your day has been going well, today was better day for me spiritually.  Despite the devil trying to invade and disrupt me spiritually, I was very excited to see the sunshine today and thankful that God allowed me to see another day.  I always here pastors say, “the power is [...]

I’m Working On It……

It’s Hump Day!!!!! I hope your day has been a blessed one despite the cold weather.  This type of weather makes me lazy and very dreadful when it comes down to completing any tasks.  Today, has been an odd day for me, I woke up feeling off balanced and burdened.  Why, I don’t know, I [...]

Comfort Zone

Hello Ladies!!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!!  Today was an amazing day for me, to some it may not be that big but to me it kinda is.  Today I posted my first guest post on an author’s site, Besty St. Amant, very cool and sweet person.  I got some advice from a good friend to ask around [...]

Love…..God’s Love

Good day to you all, I hope your Monday has been a good one so far.  Yesterday our guest pastor spoke on something so simple but very meaningful.  He spoke about “love”, God’s love, what a powerful message.  Have you ever thought about the love God has for us as His children, how deep His [...]